On Hair Removal and the Greatest Investment Ever

Today I will share with you, completely free of charge, the highest returning investment I’ve ever made. This investment is so good, it blows the stock market out of the water. Rivaled only by the meteoric (and short-lived) cryptocurrency bubble of 2018, this investment continues to produce its spectacular return. In fact, this return in guaranteed, month after month, year after year, for the rest of my life. Are you ready to see what I’m talking about???





My razor! That’s right, this little machine produces an annual return of about 435%, which I’ve been enjoying for the last 2.5 years. Here’s how I get this return.

I get a haircut approximately every 2 months, or about 6 haircuts a year. Except for very rare circumstances, the cheapest I can get a haircut is $12 including tip. That’s at least $72 per year in haircuts. In late 2016, that came to an end. I purchased this razor for a grand total of $16.54 (it currently sells for $18.61). So for my $16.54 investment I “earn” $72 each year. 72 divided by 16.54, times 100, is an annual return of 435%. Of course, technically you should factor in depreciation/loss of principle, but that is pretty negligible–the razor is still going strong after 2.5 years. And I didn’t factor in other costs associated with the paid hair cut, like driving to the place or the time wasted in that whole process.

Of course, this investment does not compound at 435%. I cannot re-invest the $72 at a rate of 435%. But I can re-invest it in the stock market at an annualized real1real = adjusted for inflation return of about 7%. Given that I will probably (hopefully!) need haircuts for the rest of my life, and that I can in turn invest all the savings, this will result in a nice sum of money. If I live to age 80, that’s an additional $31k of money, or 1.5 years of living expenses, all in exchange for a simple purchase on Amazon and some homemade haircuts. Not to mention the time saved and ability to get a free haircut whenever your heart desires.

Haircutting Frugally

Looking around me, I can see that most men have a pretty basic haircut that does not appear more complicated than mine. For all of you–the majority of the male gender–you have NO EXCUSE to be paying for haircuts! Buy the razor. Use mirrors or bribe roommates/friends/significant others to help with the back. You’ll get better with practice and, let’s be real, there’s really no harm in messing it up a few times unless you’re a model or getting married or something within a week. JUST DO IT!

For women, word on the street is that it’s a little more complicated than that. So, I consulted with the MoneyandMegabytes.com resident fashion expert Joanna who provided this advice:

1.  Go to a beauty school: My friend Mallika used to live in Michigan. She lived one mile from an Aveda salon and beauty school. The beauty salon only charged $16 for a women’s haircut! She had a great experience there and her hair always turned out great. The instructors watched their pupils closely to ensure that they did the cut and/or color correctly. You are not allowed to tip the students because they are learning. The only problem was that it took a little longer.

2.  Balayage: Balayage allows for easier grow-out, so you don’t have to visit the salon as frequently.  Mallika also had balayage once. It was only $70 where it might normally be between $200 and $250.

3.  Don’t buy products at the salon: I personally get my hair highlighted and as anyone that gets their hair highlighted can tell you, it is all about protecting your investment. I buy the expensive salon shampoos and conditioners needed to keep my hair color bright on GroupOn and have stocked up while saving over 50% on every bottle.

4.  Skip the deep conditioner: If your hair is generally healthy, you most likely don’t need a deep conditioning at every visit. You can either do it yourself at home, or you can just have this done every couple visits. I only get deep conditioning every couple visits.

5. Skip the blow-dry: A blow-dry is quite often included with a haircut, but it is sometimes extra with hair coloring. If so, leave the salon with wet hair and give yourself a blowout when you get home.

Thanks Joanna!

On Shaving

Boys shave. Girls shave. I will confess that I know pretty much nothing about the latter. But the few females I spoke to about this2I really go out of my way for blog research! gave me the impression that, due to the relative infrequency with which they needed to shave, this really wasn’t a major expense.

Many men on the other hand, shave very often. The cheapest way to “shave” is to simply use the electric razor you just bought a few paragraphs ago. If you can handle living with a little scruff, this option is basically free. Another almost free option is an electric razor specifically for faces (you know what I mean!), which should last approximately forever. But, if the demands of your work or somebody who touches your face are complete smoothness, you’re stuck with the traditional razor. And let me tell you, blade replacements can be pricey, even if you buy them at Costco! Or so I thought, until one day I discovered Harry’s razors.

Not mentioned in the description: the extreme longevity of the blades!


You see, each blade lasts for literally months! For Christmas, a friend3thanks, Megan! bought me 8 replacement blades. I’m still on my first one! I don’t shave every day, but do shave about 3x/week. And I’ve gone through a couple replacement blades (total, not from the Christmas gift) at this point, so I know it wasn’t just a one time fluke. Anyway, if you shave with the traditional method, you probably won’t find a quality razor that lasts longer than Harry’s.

Closing thoughts

Increase your quality of life and save yourself time and money by utilizing homemade haircuts, if possible. To shave, go with an electric approach or try out Harry’s Razors. This will cut shaving costs4get it? to virtually nothing. And associated costs like shaving cream (can be bought in bulk at Costco) and after-shave (if you use it, very little is required for each application) can also be quite inexpensive.

This post was not sponsored by Wahl. Or Nike, or Amazon, or even Harry’s.



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