The Best Things of 2019

Here we are, the last Saturday of 2019. Since the end of the year is often a time for reflection, I thought I’d post about the best things/ideas of the past year. Not all of these have to do with money. And, I’m not necessarily going to restrict myself to only 2019. So really these are just some nice things–there are no rules here!

  1. Reading books/The Library. The wealth of information and entertainment available to you, completely for free, is incredible. I’m a pretty bad reader (been working on my current book for almost 3 months!), but over time books have taught me many life lessons, financial and otherwise. I remember listening to a podcast with JL Collins a while back where they asked him what his favorite “life hack” was. It was the library. He jokes that he has so many books, he has to keep them at a separate facility that is fully staffed and at his service, for free. If they don’t have a book he wants, he tells them and they order it, also for free. My local library also has automatic renewals and no late penalties (except guilt!), which is pretty awesome. If you don’t read regularly, you should!
  2. Running. I’ve been running for a lot longer than just 2019, but I feel like I’ve really gotten to experience the highs and lows this year. Running has come with many blessings: a great community, chances to travel, the ability to pursue a long-term goal, and a fun way to get in a lot of exercise. I know running all the time may not be for everyone, but any activity that ties exercise to a community of friends and an activity you actually enjoy will really enhance your life. And of course the health benefits are enormous.
  3. Eating a healthy diet. Speaking of healthy, I recently watched the documentary “The Game Changers” on Netflix. It was solid, but ultimately was just a catalyst for discovering a great YouTube channel called “Nutrition Made Simple!” a couple weeks ago. Dr. Carvahlo (the guy who makes the videos) has me hooked! I’ve started to transform my diet from healthy + junk to mostly healthy. I’m excited to see the results.
  4. YouTube. It’s like the library of videos. A free source of nearly unlimited information and entertainment, all from the comfort of your couch. In addition to the Nutrition Made Simple channel, I also really enjoy “Binging with Babish”, among others. Shout out to Joe for the Play Station setup that lets us watch YouTube on the TV.
  5. Friends to work through the big issues with. “Friends” are kind of a broad category, although of course I am very grateful for friends and family! Specifically though, I’ve really benefited from seeking advice and discussing important concepts with some smart people. Lately I’ve had some great money conversations with both Frugal Professor (check out our interview with him) and guest-poster Ryan. These conversations are both enjoyable and insightful, and in the later case have let to my recent decision to adjust my asset allocation. Indeed, friends you can bounce ideas off of are the best assets!

I hope your year has been similarly filled with good things. Let me know what your best things of 2019 are in the comments! Cheers to 2020!

PS New Year’s Resolution = get back on track with blogging!

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