Hello to you 5 people who regularly check this blog! Seriously, you guys rock, and it’s really exciting to see that someone actually is interested in what we have to say.

Unfortunately, Joey and I have been busy with our jobs, so we’ve been kind of sparse on the regularly scheduled blog posts these last few weeks. So in lieu of a real post, I figured I’d take this time to announce some of the cool new site features that I’ve been working on instead of actually writing posts.

1) Email Subscription

Do you open your email inbox and think, “Man, I really need more automated emails”? Well, we have a solution for you! You can now sign up to get an email every time we post! How exciting is that?!1Unless your answer is an enthusiastic “SUPER EXCITING!”, don’t answer or you’ll hurt Joey’s feelings.

Also, guess who figured out how to make GIFs? (hint: it’s meeeeeeee)

What’s cool about this is that the list is stored exclusively on our server! Ok, I know that sounds boring but it guarantees that when you sign up with our site, your name and email address are not handled by a 3rd party that will sell your information to some marketing company who’s going to spam you with Viagra ads. We control the list, and while writing up a privacy policy is on my to-do list, I will promise that we will never sell your information and will only use that list for site-related correspondence.

Now, as this is a new service, it’ll probably have some bugs. It has worked pretty well in our tests so far, so please let us know about any problems you have in either comments below or at our new email address

Which, related:

2) We have a contact email address!

Yeah, this one’s pretty self-explanatory. Send an email to, and we’ll probably see it. On the to-do list is also get an email server running, but for now, we have a Google-hosted GMail address.

Now, the best for last:

3) HTTPS Encryption

Our site is secured with a certificate signed by! WOOHOO!

…Wait, why aren’t you as excited as I am? Not even you, Joey? Alright, fine.

Well, it means that the data going between my server and your computer is fully encrypted, so neither the packet-sniffing snoop on the public Wi-Fi you’re connected to or the nosy Internet Service Provider2Suck it, Comcast. can see what data you’re getting from our site. While this is definitely overkill for this website, it’s something that 1) I’ve wanted to try and 2) a blog that’s eventually going to talk about Internet security, really should have. What’s exciting to me is that HTTPS certificates used to be too expensive for small sites like this to do, but thanks to the guys over at LetsEncrypt and EFF, we were able to set one up pretty painlessly.

If none of that made sense, fear not, I’ll be covering why you should always use HTTPS-encrypted sites whenever you can.


  1. You can sign up to get email from us (Right Sidebar)
  2. You can send emails to us (
  3. Joe’s a nerd and needs to get out of the apartment more

See you next week!

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  1. By: Maryrose Halim Posted: June 5, 2018

    Explicit & informative insights…..keep going guys….staying on the alert for more🤔💥💐

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