Thanksgiving Special: Black Friday Guide

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you’re enjoying some quality time with family and friends and planning on eating a little too much turkey tonight. Joe and I are very thankful for all of you, our faithful M+M readers. In a gesture of gratitude, I’ve thrown together a quick guide to Black Friday. Adhere to this, and you shall prosper:

  1. Thou shall opt to spend thy time off in leisure, choosing to spend time with thy family and friends rather than run around a shopping mall as a rodent.
  2. Thou shall understand that it is impossible to get a “great deal” on something thou doesn’t need.
  3. Thou shall help with the cleanup of any Thanksgiving festivities, including the portioning of leftover foods into lunch-sized leftover containers, to be enjoyed next week while your co-workers are stuck with the junk food they purchased instead.
  4. Thou shalt not spend thy precious time waiting in a line, outside in the cold darkness, with individuals who do not adhere to the Black Friday Commandments.
  5. If thou needest, thou MAY exchange thy gold for an item of essential need, preferably purchased on Amazon from the comfort of thine home.
  6. Thou shalt not trample upon, murder, or otherwise harm a fellow human being in pursuit of a large electronic apparatus.
  7. If thou dost travel, thou shall use a bicycle or travel on foot, if possible.
  8. Thou shall unsubscribe from many email subscriptions.
  9. Thou shalt not forget the website that brought you the Black Friday commandments, and thou shall recommend the site to at least one family member or friend.
  10. Thou shall remember the things of which thou did give thanks for on the day after the feast, and continue to be thankful of them, and use them to remember what’s important and worth spending thine time on.


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  1. By: Megan Posted: November 22, 2018

    Is there a feature where you can like a post? I want to engage with your content but don’t necessarily want to leave a comment every time! Happy Thanksgiving!

    • By: Joey Posted: November 23, 2018

      Megan, Happy Thanksgiving! We don’t have anything like that currently, and I’m not sure it’s possible to do directly on the site, but we’re working some other site improvements and will see what we can do. Thanks for the suggestion!

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