November Expenses: Income matters (a little)

Another month in the books. Here’s how it shook out:


Finally got my tax withholding sorted out, which was good, and was able to pull in some additional side income. Even though I’m usually all about saving/frugality being the most important thing, the income category was probably the biggest positive this month and the reason for my better than usual saving rate. The side hustle is something that I’m really interested in and I’m currently looking into some other ideas1my tutoring tends to be pretty sporadic. Unfortunately, I spend most of my free time on a side hustle that is more often an expense category than a profitable activity. But accomplishing my goal in last week’s marathon makes it all worth it.

Regular Expenses

The first seven categories (rent, internet, running, med, charity, cell, and electric) were all pretty standard this month. The medical/dental category was a little high and might be that way semi-often due to some annoying but not that serious issues.

How not to buy food

The grocery bill was a little high this month, despite a few days of free food at home. The biggest hit was a little Cyber Monday splurge, in clear violation of my Black Friday commandments, on some quality meat from a local butcher. It was such a good deal even I couldn’t resist! Although definitely still pricier than shopping frugally at Kroger/Costco. In theory, this should reduce future grocery bills, but I feel like that doesn’t always happen.

Speaking of food, we had quite a FEAST this Thanksgiving, with two types of turkey2courtesy or your’s truly, two ducks, and plenty of amazing sides from friends who came over. Thanksgiving is pretty much the peak of the year for me–fall weather, getting to visit family, and a nice recharge after what’s usually a busy time.

Almost all of this food was promptly devoured soon after this photo was taken. And the rest didn’t make it through the weekend.

The Rest

Restaurant spending was alright, not great not bad, car was a little high due to registration renewal, travel was ridiculously high as usual, and I pretty much crushed the Miscellaneous category–especially considering the large majority of it was for a friend and for a lab outing.

All in all, it was a reasonable month, although a lot of things added up to make a moderately high total. Fortunately, slightly higher income led to a semi-respectable saving rate3for me, anyway and almost reaching quadruple digits saved. One of these months it would be cool to save >$1k and/or >50%. But for now I’m a little too much of a wimp!

The Table

Categories  November October  Rolling 4 month Average 
Saving rate  32.7%  10.5%  25.1% 
Time to Financial Independence4Based on this. Assumes a starting net worth of $0, so actual numbers are a little better than what’s shown.  26.1 years  50.3 years  31.8 years 
Monthly Expenses  $1855.39 $2330.04 $1885.86 
$ Required to be Financially Independent5Multiply the above by 300 $556,617  $699,012  $565,757 

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